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Progress has been made in increasing life expectancy and fighting against leading communicable diseases, but progress has stalled in addressing major diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. More concerted efforts are required to tackle these diseases and others, including by addressing antimicrobial resistance and determinants of health such as air pollution and inadequate water and sanitation. Corporations play a central role in fighting disease, including in the drugs they choose to research and manufacture (for pharmaceutical companies); their contribution to non-communicable diseases (such as with unhealthy food and diabetes) and the fight against non-communicable diseases (such as research companies focused on cancers or heart diseases); the healthcare benefits they provide workers; charitable giving in the area of global health; and how they contribute to global economic growth (growth usually increases access to healthcare and some determinants of health such as water and sanitation, but may also increase determinants of health such as pollution)
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global health
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UN Sustainable Development Goal 3
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Ethos is using 143,808 unique data points since 2018 to rate companies, stocks and funds on disease eradication, including from these metrics:
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