Powerful ESG software for financial advisors
Powerful ESG software for
financial advisors

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How Ethos helps

1. Reach new clients

Reach new clients, improve KYC and protect existing clients with a firm-branded Impact Assessment (values-based questionnaire).
Impact Assessment
Share through social, email, or on your website with a customizable widget. Ethos captures contact information and helps you start a conversation.
Assessment scales

2. Improve portfolios

Integrate in-depth, transparent impact data into your portfolio construction. Our data covers 13,000+ stocks and funds and 2M+ data points across 45 causes.
Carbon comparison
Find the right assets with filters for asset class, cap, geography, expense ratio, ESG screens (such as fossil fuel or prison involvement) and much more.
Carbon reduction

3. Wow clients

Deepen client relationships with powerful client impact reports covering analyses such as exposure to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, global warming alignment, and shareholder advocacy.
Report pages example
Show, don't tell your clients about their impact on the causes they're passionate about. The most customizable, personalized client impact reporting available.
Real-world metrics
RevTechLabs Accelerator Participant
FPA NexGen Partner
FinCon 2021 Finalist
Beta Accelerator Participant
Impact List nominee
Student partnership
Minnestar Participant
As You Sow
As You Sow
Change Finance
Everyday Activism Network
Venture 135
Triple Pundit
Violation Tracker
Charlotte Angel Connection
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