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How Ethos helps

1. Assess

Understand your firm's impact across 45 causes, including where you are strong and weak compared to peers. Deep dive into 260+ sources of ESG data on your firm and your competitors to see what's driving your ESG reputation across the market.
Carbon Comparison
Ethos' analytics are based on in-depth, transparent impact data covering 13,000+ companies and funds across 45 causes.
Environmental Fines

2. Improve

Prioritize ESG data sources to address and drive an improved ESG reputation. Ethos provides full visibility into data source contact information.
Patents Granted
Track your impact over time to see how changes in your ESG data affects your standing with ESG data providers and funds.
Report Example

3. Appeal

Appeal to ESG-focused investors and improve your reputation with other stakeholders. Maintain visibility into ESG sources driving your ESG reputation and monitor spikes and dips.
Impact Assessment
Demonstrate your impact credibility and commitment by engaging with investors and consumers through Ethos.
Real Metrics

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