Our values

We believe that how we invest our money reflects the world we aspire to see. Everyone should be able to understand the impact of the investments they make and companies they engage with.

You should be able to make decisions that align with your values.
We believe everyone should have access to credible information and tools to buy, invest and work for the causes they care about, such as creating a sustainable future, supporting equality, or ensuring health and well-being for all.
Your money is powerful, and can help reshape our economy and planet.
Publicly-traded companies are accountable to investors and shareholders, including through shareholder resolutions and criteria that companies must meet to be included in some portfolios (such as Blackrock’s). Making informed decisions about your purchases and investments is one of the most powerful ways to help accelerate the reshaping of our economy and planet.
Transparency and credible sources are critical for assessing impact.
There's no perfect way to measure the impact of a brand, company or investment fund, but transparent, high-quality data can help you make the most informed decisions possible. Ethos uses more than 260 credible metrics from non-corporate data sources, as well as data directly from corporations. We share the metrics and sources that make up every company and fund rating (you can see them on cause profiles or company profiles). We also believe in a continuous process to improve our ratings, and we are always seeking input from credible sources.
Financial well-being is also important.
Being smart with your money is also important. We believe you should have information to make sound purchase and investment decisions that support financial well-being as well as impact on the causes you care about. Along with a growing body of research, we also believe that positive impact on the environment and society can support strong investment performance. For example, out of more than 200 reviewed studies from academic research, industry reports, and newspaper articles, more than 80% demonstrated that prudent sustainability practices have a positive influence on investment performance.
Who we are

Ethos is a first-of-its-kind FinTech platform to align your money with the causes you care about, including racial justice, climate change, LGBTQ equality, and more.

Ethos is led by:

Luke is the founder and CEO of Ethos. He has led tech start-ups, social impact organizations, and strategy engagements for Fortune 500 companies. He is passionate about helping everyone participate in values-based investing.

Dan leads business development at Ethos. Prior to joining Ethos, Dan led business development at Change Finance and served as a Regional Marketing Manager for Fred Alger & Co. Dan holds a BA in International Economics and Commerce, an MS in Environmental Policy and Management, and the designation as a Certified Investment Management Analyst® from the Investments and Wealth Institute.

Nathan is the Co-Director of Ethos Impact Australia Pty Ltd (the distribution of Ethos in Australia). He is an RIAA Certified Ethical Financial Adviser, Chair and Founder of the XY Ethics Committee, a Financial Standard 50 Most Influential Advisers in Australia, Speaker, and Climate Change Activist. He Co-Founded Lime Financial Planning, which sold to Tribeca Financial in December 2021, where he now works as a Senior Financial Adviser. He is focused on helping advisers meet their clients' expectations and values and the Code of Ethics when considering investment recommendations.

Amelia is the Co-Director of Ethos Impact Australia Pty Ltd (the distribution of Ethos in Australia). She is a registered Lawyer specialising in Property, Planning and Environment law. Amelia has a strong interest in Climate Change and Social Justice, and aims to empower Investors and Advisers to make more informed decisions.

Matt has worked in early-stage tech for 25 years. At Ethos he is focused on building scalable business operations for the company and oversees product engagement and client success.

Kevin is focused on business development and client success at Ethos. Kevin has a diverse background in customer service and client engagement, and brings an out-of-the-box perspective with international experience and education.

Madelin has a diverse background in product development and design, and brings additional experience as an artist and writer to help creatively build successful companies.

Nick is the Business Development Associate for Ethos Impact Australia Pty Ltd. He has previously worked in early stage startups and is passionate about climate change and social causes.

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