The problem
Global progress has been uneven in ending violence and promoting the rule of law. Corruption, human trafficking, and unstable governments deprive millions of basic security. Lack of justice threatens the lives of unsentenced detainees, human rights defenders, and victims of police violence. Concerted action is needed to build more transparent institutions that protect individual safety and respect the rule of law. Corporations can play a role in this effort in many ways, including by creating a safe work environment; becoming actively involved in the local community and supporting strong local institutions; driving economic growth and creating decent, safe work opportunities; creating and enforcing accountability standards (such as ethics policies and codes of conduct); and creating strong human rights policies, both within internal operations and throughout supply chains
What this cause is about
civil rights
minority rights
hate crimes
racial justice
accountable institutions
police violence
police accountability
safety and security
violent conflict
gun control
weapons sales
school shootings
mass shootings
UN Sustainable Development Goal 10
UN Sustainable Development Goal 16
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