We are excited to announce several data updates going live on ethos ESG this month:

Fund proxy voting data:

  • We incorporated public data on 2021 proxy voting records for fund managers. 
  • We track how fund managers vote on shareholder resolutions related to ESG topics, such as a resolution to adopt a more aggressive climate transition plan. The new data shows major asset managers such as BlackRock and Vanguard making significant improvements (BlackRock went from 12% to 40% and Vanguard from 12% to 26%), but still lagging well behind many other managers.
  • The new proxy voting data is used in updated Shareholder Advocacy scores for fund managers (which you can see on fund profiles) and will factor into updated fund ratings.

Updated company-level data:

  • Controversies: updated data of company-level controversies. ethos ESG tracks public controversies associated with companies in our database, using publicly-available data from media sources, government agencies and non-governmental organizations. We define a "controversy" as a negative story about a company appearing in one or more credible sources.
  • Global warming updates: added new emissions reduction targets and carbon emissions data to our Global warming analysis. Across all companies, we now project a warming of 2.5 to 2.9 degrees Celsius, in line with changing global commitments and analysis from Climate Action Tracker.
  • US government fines: current data on US federal and state government fines data from Violation Tracker, as of January, 2022.
  • CEO pay ratio: updated data on CEO-to-median worker pay ratio from AFL-CIO.
  • Cruelty-free investing: updated list of companies that do and do not engage in animal cruelty, from Cruelty Free Investing.
  • Disability equality: updated list of top-rated companies for disability equality, from the Disability Equality Index.
  • Tropical deforestation ranking: updated rankings of the most influential companies and financial institutions in forest risk commodity supply chains, from Forest500.
  • Financing for deforestation: updated data on the amount of financing (credit) provided to companies contributing to deforestation, from Forests and Finance.
  • Happiest company rankings: updated rankings from CareerBliss on the happiest companies.

New company-level data:

  • New metric focused exclusively on SBTI Targets: inclusion of a new metric focused exclusively on whether a company has made a commitment to reduce emissions through the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTI).

Please reach out to our team at support@ethosESG.com if you have any questions about this update.