Ethos ESG announces the launch of an innovative Impact Calculator for mutual funds, SMAs, ETFs and other investment products. 

The Impact Calculator is an embeddable widget that takes a dollar amount and immediately calculates the real-world equivalent impact of investing that amount in a specific fund or other product, compared to a benchmark. Real-world equivalent impact includes metrics such as cars removed from the road, tuna fish saved, months of rent paid.

Investors increasingly see the connection between their money and values, and the Impact Calculator makes it easy for fund and portfolio managers to make the connection real for them. 

Ethos ESG founder and CEO Luke Wilcox calls the Impact Calculator an independent, data-backed tool to show the impact of investment products in a meaningful way. It helps fund and portfolio managers demonstrate the authenticity of their support for environmental and social causes.

Each metric is based on underlying data sources, including company filings, government agency data, ethos ESGs proprietary research, and non-governmental organizations such as Violation Tracker. For each metric, Ethos calculates impact data for fund or portfolio holdings compared to a benchmark. 

For example, the metric Cars removed from the road is calculated as: 

  • The dollar value of an investment

  • Divided by the average annual cost of owning a vehicle in the US (roughly $10,000, based on estimates from AAA)

  • Multiplied by the percentage that the investment product is better or worse than the benchmark on Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions 

Feature details include:

  • Publishing rights: Publish your products impact on your website, marketing materials and directly to clients.

  • Independent credibility: Show impact metrics with an indicator demonstrating your use of an independent third-party to audit your impact, e.g., Powered by Ethos or Verified by Ethos. 

  • Data export: Get monthly updates to the underlying data calculations for your selected products.

  • Embeddable widget: A customizable widget that can be embedded onto your website with a single line of code. 

  • Integration: Work with your team to integrate the data and metrics into your website using HTML, Javascript, jQuery and CSS

Part of our mission at ethos ESG is to support others who are working toward a more just, sustainable world. The Impact Calculator helps promote the fund managers who are making investment decisions and taking action to do this says Wilcox. 

For more information on the Impact Calculator, visit: Impact Calculator on Ethos (

About Ethos ESG:

Founded in 2019, ethos ESG is an ESG software and data platform for financial advisors, institutions and investors. Ethos offers data and analytics covering the impact of 7500 stocks and 6000 funds across 45 causes. Ethos uses a combination of independent third party sources, government filings, company data and proprietary research to come up with transparent ESG ratings. Customers include financial advisor firms across the US, Europe and Australia, individual investors and corporate clients.