We're excited to announce new features launched recently, including:

Advocacy portfolio analysis

Companies and funds in your clients' portfolios can effect positive change through advocacy as shareholders and engagement with public policy. Ethos now includes an analysis of advocacy efforts for every portfolio on Ethos:

Portfolio screens

We calculate a portfolio's Advocacy score based on:

  • The percentage of votes in favor of ESG-related resolutions by fund managers in your portfolio (e.g., votes for resolutions supporting gender diversity on the board or emissions reduction commitments);
  • ESG ratings of fund managers and how well they engage their invested companies on ESG-related issues; and
  • Advocacy-related activities by companies in your portfolio. Advocacy activities that we consider positive include actions such as engagement with governments on climate action or taking a public stance supporting racial justice; activities we consider negative include actions such as political lobbying.

See detailed advocacy scores by clicking on the Advocacy graphic from any portfolio page.

To include an Advocacy analysis in a client report, make sure the Advocacy section is included when you create a Portfolio Analysis or Portfolio Comparison report:

Portfolio screens

Temperature rise potential

Ethos now includes a calculation of global warming potential of every portfolio, based on a weighted-average of portfolio holding's carbon footprint, carbon footprint change, carbon intensity, contribution to climate solutions, and forward-looking emissions reduction commitments made through the Science-Based Targets Initiative:

Portfolio screens

The analysis estimates degrees Celsius of global warming that the portfolio is aligned with, relative to pre-industrial levels. This also indicates how well aligned a portfolio is with the Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation, adaptation, and finance.

You can see an example detailed analysis of public pension plans' temperature rise potential here, or read more details on the Temperature Rise Potential methodology here.

You can see Temperature Rise Potential for every portfolio in your account on Ethos, on the portfolio page. Click on the graphic to see degrees Celsius alignment for each portfolio holding.

To include Temperature Rise Potential in a client report, make sure the corresponding section is included when you create a Portfolio Analysis or Portfolio Comparison report.

New real-world metrics

We added "real-world" metrics such as tuna or salmon saved and cubic miles of ocean protected.

These metrics compare a portfolio to another portfolio or to any benchmark fund in our database, using underlying data (such as carbon emissions) and the dollar value of a portfolio.

Choose which real-world metrics to include when you create a report, so that your report aligns with the messaging you want to convey to your client:

Portfolio screens

Carbon comparison

We also now automate the analysis of several carbon-related metrics for every portfolio:

Portfolio screens

You can choose to include this analysis when creating a Portfolio Analysis or Portfolio Comparison report.

New portfolio modeling tools

We made it easier to filter and find companies or funds to include in your models or portfolios:

Portfolio screens

To use our new modeling tool, navigate in your account to Clients > Portfolio models and create a model.

Select the filters you want for companies or funds (e.g., asset class, expense ratio, ESG screens) and add a company or fund from the resulting list to your model.

When you save a model, you can then use it with any client portfolio. When you create or edit a portfolio, select the model from the Apply existing model section:

Portfolio screens

Report scheduling

Want to have PDF impact reports for your clients delivered to your inbox (and any team members you'd like) every week, month, or quarter?

Ethos' report scheduling feature lets you select client reports and we'll send you updated PDF reports on the schedule you select.

To use the feature, create a new reporting schedule under Reports > Schedule in your account:

Portfolio screens

Please reach out to the Ethos team at support@ethos.so with any questions or suggestions. 

About Ethos

Ethos is a first-of-its-kind FinTech platform helping you and your clients align money with the causes you care about, including racial justice, workplace safety, climate change, LGBTQ equality, and more.

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