Ethos ESG's Impact Stories  help you give your clients a deeper view of the impact of their investments.

When you invest in a fund, your investment can have an impact in several ways, including:

  • Advocacy activities: engaging with governments or international organizations to work for public policy changes, e.g., more aggressive carbon emissions reduction targets.
  • Engagement with held companies: engaging directly with companies that a fund manager is invested in to support positive change at that company, e.g., improved diversity in management or tying management compensation to ESG goals.
  • Community investing: using a part of fund proceeds or profits to invest directly in community initiatives, such as affordable housing or small business support.
  • Fund holding selection: funds provide capital for the companies they invest in. By selecting companies that are having a positive impact (such as developing renewable energy), fund managers can support that impact.

Ethos ESG's Impact Stories highlight tangible examples of fund managers having an impact through these activities, so you can show clients real examples of their impact.

Portfolio screens

Here's how it works:

1. Ethos collects impact stories

Ethos collects impact stories from fund manager public websites and reports. Stories can be about advocacy activities, community investing, engagement with held companies, or fund holdings

2. You can access stories on portfolio profiles on Ethos

You can access stories on Ethos on a portfolio profile (from a client's profile, click on one of their portfolios to see the portfolio profile).

If any stories are available for the portfolio, they'll be visible under the "Impact Stories" section. Stories are sourced from fund managers so are available based on fund holdings in the portfolio. For example, if we have a story sourced from Calvert and you have a Calvert fund in a portfolio, the story will be available for that portfolio.

Portfolio screens
3. You can add stories to client-facing reports

You can add stories to a Portfolio Analysis or Portfolio Comparison report. When you create either of these report types, you'll see an optional section called "Impact Stories", as long as at least one impact story is available for your selected portfolio.

Portfolio screens

Please reach out to us at with any questions, or if you would like to schedule time to walk through using this new feature.