Every investor is unique. Approaches to portfolio impact on social and environmental causes should be, too.

Good financial planning is personalized to the investor, including for retirement goals, life events, spending habits, and risk tolerance. Social and environmental impact (ESG investing or SRI) should be no different.

One investor may care most about climate change, healthy oceans, gender equality, and education, while another may care more about racial and economic justice, LGBTQ equality, innovation, or mental health (or a combination of these causes).

Personalization scale example

As a financial advisor or individual investor, there have traditionally been limited options to personalize portfolio impact. There are sustainable funds and funds that filter out fossil fuels, tobacco,  weapons and other characteristics, but no holistic approach to personalized impact.

Ethos is the first tool that enables a truly personalized approach to portfolio impact. We help you understand and manage impact on the specific set of causes you (or your clients) care about.

To do this we use a simple Impact Assessment. An Impact Assessment is a 3-5 minute "quiz" in which an investor indicates which of 45 causes they care most about, using 1-7 scales:

Personalization scale example

Ethos then uses input from the assessment to create weighted, personalized ratings of 8,500+ securities, as well as the investor's portfolio. Our goal is to help investors see, understand and improve their impact on the causes they care about.

Personalization scale example

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