With major corporate climate action news this week (including Exxon Mobil losing board seats to climate activism), we're excited to launch new features and data sources to help you and your clients invest your values.

New features include transparent controversies information for every portfolio, new real-world portfolio metrics such as wind turbines built and factory farm animals saved, and new data on the biggest fossil-fuel funders and climate policy influencers.

Transparent controversies information by portfolio

Ethos' new controversies tool shows severity of controversies associated with any portfolio and specific controversy details for portfolio holdings. Find in your account on any portfolio profile page: 

Filter by fund holdings
Filter by fund holdings

New real-world metrics

We're excited to launch new "real-world" metrics that offer another option to communicate impact to your clients, including hectares of rainforest trees saved, factory farm animals saved, minorities hired, wind turbines built, and more. Find in your account on any portfolio profile, and use in any Portfolio Analysis or Portfolio Proposal report:

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Data updates

Recent updates to our data include:

Added ~200 new funds to our database. Customers can find all ETFs and mutual funds that Ethos covers in their account under Research --> Funds. Search by fund name or ticker.

New data from the Rainforest Action Network on fossil-fuel funding provided by the largest financial institutions in the world.

New data from Influence Map ranking the Climate Action 100+ target companies on climate policy lobbying. The ranking assesses how well companies have aligned their direct climate lobbying practices with the Paris Agreement.

Customize your assessment

You can see the breakdown of data included in any company or fund rating on the company or fund's profile.

Please reach out to the Ethos team at support@ethos.so with any questions or suggestions. 

About Ethos

Ethos is a first-of-its-kind FinTech platform helping you and your clients align money with the causes you care about, including racial justice, workplace safety, climate change, LGBTQ equality, and more.

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