We're excited to release updated data for metrics such as plastic pollution, CEO pay, and human rights performance; the addition of ~2500 new mutual funds and ETFs to our database; filtering by fund holdings; better accessibility for color-blind clients; and more.

Check out the product updates below, or skip to the data updates.

Filter by fund holdings

Have a client who wants to exclude a specific company from their portfolio? Now you can filter funds to those that exclude (or include) specific companies. Find in your account under Research --> Funds

Filter by fund holdings

Customize your Impact Assessment

Want to simplify your Impact Assessment? Change the messaging? We made it easier to customize your Impact Assessment, including options to exclude parts of the assessment and customize the text. Find all options in your account under Assessment --> Preferences:

Customize your assessment

Date transparency for metrics

All metrics on company and fund profiles now show the date of the metric, so you know how current our data is. Find metrics on any company or fund profile:

Date transparency

Portfolio holding characteristics

Find the breakdown of portfolio holdings by asset class, cap, sector and country on every portfolio profile in your account on Ethos:

Portfolio holdings characteristics

Improved color-blind accessibility

Have a color-blind client? Client-facing portfolio reports now include an option to remove colors from the report and show more icons instead. Select the eye icon on any portfolio report to see this option:

Color-blind accessibility

Data updates

Recent updates to our data include:

Added ~2500 new funds to our database. Customers can find all ETFs and mutual funds that Ethos covers in their account under Research --> Funds. Search by fund name or ticker.

Updated data from the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare, which assesses food-related companies on 37 practices related to farm animal welfare.

Updated CEO pay ratio data from AFL-CIO. We integrated most current data from AFL-CIO's Company Pay Ratio data, which covers how companies pay their CEOs relative to their workforce.

Updated data from Break Free From Plastic to include their most recent global brand audit report. The report assesses which brands are contributing the most to global plastic pollution.

Updated data from the B Team Responsible Tax Principles. We added current data on which companies have committed to the B Team Responsible Tax Principles.

Updated data from the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark, which measures 230 global companies on their human rights performance.

Updated CEO overpay data from As You Sow. We updated data from As You Sow with the 2021 list of the 100 most overpaid CEOs.

Updated data from the Access to Medicine Index, an index assessing which pharmaceutical companies are doing the most to address access to medicine in low- and middle-income countries.

You can see the breakdown of data included in any company or fund rating on the company or fund's profile.

Please reach out to the Ethos team at support@ethos.so with any questions or suggestions. 

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