Screening out tobacco, weapons, fossil fuel and other types of companies is often one of the first areas clients ask about when they're interested in ESG investing.

This week we launched automated ESG screening analytics for every portfolio. We look at all of the companies held by any portfolio (including directly through stocks and indirectly through fund holdings) and show the held companies that fail ESG screens.

See below for more info and other recent Ethos updates:

ESG screening analytics by portfolio

See how many fossil fuel, nuclear, gambling, tobacco, and other types of companies are held by any portfolio, including stock holdings and companies held through funds:

Portfolio screens

Add to any Portfolio Analysis or Portfolio Proposal report to show clients what they're invested in:

Filter by fund holdings

Deep-dive to see specific holdings that fail an ESG screen::

Filter by fund holdings

Improved fund search and filtering

Ethos rates ~5,500 funds across 45 causes. We recently improved our tagging and filtering options to make it easier to find the funds that fit your clients' preferences and your portfolio approach. Funds can now be filtered in your account by:

  • Cause: sort by any of 45 causes, including climate action, gender equality, racial justice, etc.
  • Metric: sort by any of 250+ metrics
  • Client: sort by any client's weighted-average ratings, based on their Impact Assessment
  • Screen: screen by typical ESG exclusionary screens, such as tobacco, fossil fuel, nuclear, weapons, etc.
  • Holdings: screen for funds that include or exclude specific companies
  • Fund type: filter to ETFs, mutual funds or indexes
  • Asset class: filter to Alternatives, Balanced, Bonds, Cash, Equities, Infrastructure, and Property
  • Cap: filter to small, mid and large cap
  • Geography: filter by geographic focus, such as US, Europe, Global, or Asia/Pacific
  • Category: filter by more detailed asset category
  • Fund family: filter by fund family
  • Expense ratio: filter by min/max expense ratio
  • AUM: filter by min/max fund AUM
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Welcome aboard: new onboarding process

Our new onboarding process walks through getting your account set up, including setting your logo and firm colors for white-labeling, setting up your assessment, trying out an example client and portfolio, and more. You can access the onboarding process from within your account under Settings:

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More control over your notifications

Control how often you get notifications and for what under Notification Settings in your account:

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Please reach out to the Ethos team at with any questions or suggestions. 

About Ethos

Ethos is a first-of-its-kind FinTech platform helping you and your clients align money with the causes you care about, including racial justice, workplace safety, climate change, LGBTQ equality, and more.

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