From Ethos Founder and CEO, Luke Wilcox

I'm thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Women of the World Endowment (WoWE). 

Through the partnership, Ethos and WoWE will collaborate to advance gender-focused intersectional investing.

WoWE will use its global network and expertise to help scale Ethos' impact, including by co-developing gender-focused products and bringing Ethos to new markets around the world. 

I'm also excited for WoWE to help us bring a gender focus to the center of our own organization and work.

WoWE's Founder and CEO, Patience Marime-Ball, said about our partnership, "WoWE looks forward to co-developing tools and metrics with Ethos to influence more capital markets players to centralize the role of women as actors and changemakers and bring gender to the forefront of environmental, social, and governance issues."

Our mission at Ethos is to enable everyone to invest in line with their values, including gender intersectional strategies. The partnership with WoWE is a big step forward toward achieving our goal.

Women of the World Endowment's mission is to build pathways to mainstream investing in and through women as changemakers, who drive resilient and sustainable investment systems and economies. You can learn more about WoWE at