Ethos ESG has recently developed a partnership with Verity, a first-of-its-kind Sustainable Finance Platform offering the workflow solutions investors and companies need to carry out successful ESG integration and stewardship programs. 

Through Verity's holistic analysis and strategic engagement solutions, users can interact with a growing stakeholder ecosystem to source research and directly connect with the author or a subject-matter expert from the organization. Users can act upon learned insights by joining platform-hosted coalitions and engagements that address the issues that matter to them. Automated reporting and engagement metrics provide evidence of participation and can serve as the foundation of a CSR or stewardship report.


How Verity can benefit financial advisors interested in sustainability: Verity offers financial advisors the opportunity to research, connect, and act upon the sustainability issues affecting their clients. Verity's stewardship tools enable users to initiate and manage individual and collective engagements as well as to form coalitions with like-minded peers -such as the Ethos managed coalition. Whether acting as a lead or a passive participant, advisors can extend their reach, amplify the voices of their clients, and differentiate their offerings by coupling their existing financial planning services with an engagement strategy. Advisors can leverage Verity's expertise to learn about engagement best practices through "How To" guides and informational sessions.  

Engagements: Engagements are interactions between stakeholders (investors, companies, asset managers, NGOs and other organizations) conducted with the purpose of improving ESG issue performance, increasing public disclosure, or identifying and discussing best practices. Most often, engagements are initiated by investors and target companies or industries to mitigate a material financial and societal risk. Collective engagements occur when a group of stakeholders establish a dialogue with a company, or across an industry, to address a specific ESG issue or theme. An example would be Climate Action 100+.

Coalitions: Coalitions on Verity are private, members-only spaces with tools to coordinate activity amongst groups of stakeholders. Within the coalition, groups can manage projects and resources, conduct and share research and best practices, plan events, engage in thematic discussions, and plan and execute collaborative engagements. Coalitions may be formed for virtually any purpose; however, very often they are coordinated efforts seeking to address the underlying issues within a given ESG theme.

 If you have any questions about Verity or would like to be put in contact with a member of their team, please reach out to Ethos ESG Experience Manager Kevin Jarussi at